Reasons To Go For The Ego C Electronic Cigarette Kit

These days, you can run into all sorts of electronic cigarettes. Each one of them tries to make waves by introducing various features. What makes the Ego C device different from the rest is its unique designing that helps bring down the cost of vaping. Also, the battery of this Joyetech product is made to prevent accidental drainage of energy.

Many are switching from smoking to vaping and the sheer number of electronic cigarettes online and offline is a proof to this. Ego C tries to stand out from all the rest by coming up with a new design instead of simply doing what’s regarded as normal. The atomizer system it employs is nothing like the ones found on its current rivals.

When disassembled, it can be noted that the device’s cone section is actually comprised of three smaller components. They are the atomizer base, head and cover. It’s something deliberately done to fulfill the device’s key selling point: a cost-effective vaping habit. By allowing the user to replace only a particular part of the cone section which exhibits a problem, money can be saved.

The rest of today’s electronic cigarettes use a design in which all of the smaller parts mentioned above are combined into a single unit. That is why if only the atomizer base, for instance, is exhibiting a problem, the user has to discard the entire cone section and replace it with a new one. On the other hand, this trend-setting device lets you throw away only the part that keeps you from fully enjoying vaping.

Such design used by this particular electronic cigarette also makes it very easy to keep the device in a superb working condition. Every vaping individual knows that the atomizer is bound to get clogged one day because of its very important function of vaporizing the e liquid. With the kind of role it plays, the atomizer is susceptible to be covered in hardened juice.

By taking apart the device’s cone section, it’s easy for the owner to see where the problem is coming from. If dipping the particular atomizer part in hot water and other DIY cleaning solutions fail to work, no worries. It’s the only component that has to be replaced and not the rest. This is something that other devices on the market do not allow their owners to perform.

The battery that powers up the device is another key selling point used by Joyetech. There is a switch that you need to press 5 times successively before placing the device in your bag, pocket or its carrying case. Doing this prevents accidental activation of the electronic cigarette, causing unnecessary battery discharging. In addition, the battery’s output voltage may be easily modified anywhere from 3.2V to 4.5V for a customized vaping experience.

When it comes to the physical design, the Ego C also refuses to go with the flow. It doesn’t attempt to look like a real cigarette stick unlike so many of its counterparts. This is actually something that contributes to a trouble-free vaping experience as no one will give you a nasty stare thinking that you are using an actual cigarette.

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