The Perks Of Getting The Ego C Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

The changeable atomizer system is what makes the Ego C electronic cigarette starter kit a standout. This unique feature eliminates the need to have the entire cone section discarded if one of the elements inside it no longer functions. The unit also sports a power-saving locking mechanism. The consumer may choose from an array of colors ranging from the elegant to the hip.

A kit includes everything a first-timer in the world of vaping needs in order to kick start a new habit. Because of this, there is no requirement to obtain the various components separately. The manufacturer has added extras to allow the user to get the hang of things for days, such as the battery, atomizer head and base, and cartridges which contain the juice.

The product is getting lots of attention from the vaping community because of its innovative atomizer system. It consists of parts that may be replaced independently from each other. The cone section is actually made up of the atomizer head, base and cover that are separate from one another. This particular device from Joyetech is the first of its kind to sport such design.

There are two ways that this much-talked about atomizer system benefits the end user. It allows the owner to enjoy a cost-effective habit because not everything in the cone section has to be discarded when only one element is causing a problem. The vaper simply has to disassemble the cone and see which of the 3 components that make it up has to be replaced with a new one.

Second, it allows for a trouble-free cleaning of the atomizer. Because the 3 small parts that make up the cone can be separated easily, the user can have full access to the areas where dried up juice has collected. Every other part of the atomizer can also be kept spotless because of this feature. With trouble-free cleaning, downtime is reduced to a minimum.

The kit includes a couple of atomizer bodies and 5 heads as they’re the ones more susceptible to getting clogged up or worn out. Ordering from the manufacturer has to be done before or after these extras are all used. There are also a total of 5 cartridges included, a charger that plugs into a standard wall outlet and USB port, user manual and carrying pouch.

The device is of no use without a battery. Due to the very important role it plays, a couple of rechargeable batteries come with the kit. While one of them is being charged, the other one may be screwed into the unit to power it up.

Preventing unwanted discharges is the locking mechanism integrated into the battery. The owner simply has to press a button 5 times in succession to have it activated. Also, it comes with a LED notification feature that indicates if there’s only 25% power remaining. With this, the device’s owner may immediately take the necessary step.

The pair of rechargeable batteries that come with the Ego C electronic cigarette starter kit has a 650mAh rating. This is enough to give the device a 12-hour life. If the owner likes to have an upgrade, an optional battery with a higher rating may be easily purchased from the manufacturer.

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