Ways To Make A Dance Pole Safe For Home Use

If you wish to discover ways to pole dance in your home, then you will should know ways to buy a safe dance pole for home use.

There Are Many Things To Consider When Shopping For A Dance Pole And In This Article; We Will Talk About Things To Look For That Indicate That The Dance Pole Has Been Built With Good Quality.

Sometimes It Can Be Confusing To Decide Which Pole Is The Best When There Are So Many For Sale Including Name Brand Poles Such As LIL Mynx And X-Poles As Well As A Whole Host Of No Name Brand Poles Sold On Ebay, Amazon, Or Other Auction Sites.

You are probably wondering, “What’s the difference?” “Can I buy a no name brand pole and have it still be safe?”

You must purchase an expert grade pole if you are going to begin pole dancing in your home. Why? Because your health is of the utmost essential. Pole fitness dancing can be risky and harmful to your health if the devices isn’t safe.

Professional grade dance poles are produced inversions and techniques. They are made to take unusually heavy weight lots of over 200 pounds and were constructed with extraordinary use in mind. Meaning they were developed for techniques, inversions, spins, kicks and other harmful stunts that expert dancers perform on a pole.

Anything less than a professional grade pole means they have actually cheapened the design, made the metal thinner, made use of plastic parts, or cheap bearings or no bearing at all. There is typically just a $50-$100 rate distinction to get better quality. If you have a mishap due to devices malfunction, that can cost a lot more with one physician’s check up! On the other hand, you don’t have to blow your pocket book out when purchasing a top quality pole.

There are poles that are no name and are made for professionals, they are safe to invert on and hold heavy weights. Even the brand names are made in China; the same place that makes the off brands, so prices isn’t the only thing that indicates quality or safety.

Most women in my pole classes don’t want to spend a lot of money on a pole. It’s a fun sport for them, they just want to have fun while they exercise and lose weight. Being a pro dancer isn’t something they aspire to do so they don’t want to spend a fortune on the best name brand pole out there.

A good way to create a compromise so you can have good quality and not blow out your pocket book is a good off brand pole that is professional grade.

So exactly what makes a pole safe?

Here are some things I have learned in my journey:

1. Try to find quality, thicker metal. It will bend to the side over time if the metal is too thin. I purchased a pole that bent within a month over spinning and techniques! 2. All metal parts. Just do not go there and take care of breaking parts while dancing on a pole. 3. The adjuster cover can cause you to slip down the pole if it isn’t safely held in place. There are adjuster covers that just “slide” into location, stay clear of these since they will also “slide” out of place with you on it! 4. Excellent bearings. If you do not get quality bearings, then you pole can give up spinning after a brief period of time. 5. Some of the rubber is very difficult and does not grip the floor or ceiling effectively. If this occurs, the pole can slip out of place while you are on it. 6. Quality chrome! Don’t go for cheap chrome plating on your dancing pole.

Above are the biggest things to watch for however there are many more details.

It is worth taking the time to learn about how and where to buy a good dance pole for home use because this is an investment in your health and in your life. When you go the extra mile to pay a little more for better quality in a pole, you are therefore subconsciously standing up for better health.

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